CAPIGI 2018: Performance Agriculture
November 2017

For 2018, we have chosen to focus on “PERFORMANCE AGRICULTURE”. The theme is inspired by announced policy changes in Europe and worldwide on the environmental and climate performance of agriculture: Regulations and incentives for reduction of emissions through the Common Agricultural Policy are upcoming. The impact of agriculture on environment is the spatial link of fields, crops, soils, water and weather. And of course: cultivation practices. In order to remain practical and robust, policies will depend on geospatial data more then ever: The future agricultural governance systems will include: spatial reference registries (parcel registries, cadastres, holding locations, ecological focus areas, catchments, vulnerable nature reserves etc.), timelines of Remote Sensing imagery from the open initiatives of Sentinels and Landsat, and including commercial satellites, farmer proprietary data including sensor data, GNSS tracks and machine movements, geotagged photos and more. Linking farm information systems to administrations’ registries is forthcoming. In short: the challenges and opportunities for geospatial in agriculture are huge. CAPIGI 2018 strives to cover the scene and interact with major, relevant stakeholders about the role, potential and importance of geospatial in these developments.

CAPIGI 2018 will be organised in Amersfoort. We have a wonderful programme in mind. Put it in your calendar and join us 9-11 April 2018 on the 8th CAPIGI conference!