On the 11th of April 2018 the 2nd Drones Demonstration Day will be held from 11.00 - 16.00 next to the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) in Marknesse, the Netherlands. During the demonstration day we will focus on Precision Agriculture and available applications with extra attention on drones. The objective is to introduce farmers, consultants and other players in the agriculture sector to the high-tech capabilities of drones, precision agriculture machines, software and information systems. 

At the various booths, visitors can get more information about all kinds and types of drones mainly used for precision agriculture. Also information about various soil sensors, analysis techniques, software to process the data and equipment to carry out the task cards will be available. In short, the entire circle will be visible: from the collection and processing to the use of the maps on the tractor. Also the latest developments in the field of satellite monitoring will be brought to the attention.

The Drones Demonstration Day is free for the public but we mainly focussing on the agriculture sector. During the last edition in 2016 there were about 80 farmers who visited the Drones Demo Day together with about 50 CAPIGI delegates who also joined the Drones Demonstration Day as well. This year we will again offer (free) transportation to Marknesse for all CAPIGI delegates who are interested in the Drones Demonstration day.

Interested in joining the free drones demonstration day?

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Date & Time
Wednesday 11th of April 2018

Start           11.00 hrs
End            16.00 hrs

Location & Address
 Zweefvliegclub Noordoostpolder
 Voorsterweg 21 | 8316 PP Marknesse

 For a route description (NL) please click here.

!!! ATTENTION! CHANGE OF VENUE: The Drones Demonstration Day takes place at the Flying Club next to the NLR! Voorsterweg 21, Marknesse !!!




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Exhibitors information

For this day we are looking for companies or organisations who would like to participate in the special drones market to display the latest developments in precision agriculture. The location at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre offers the opportunity to fly with the drones even when they are not yet licensed in the Netherlands (please contact us if so).

If you are interested to participate as an exhibitor please contact info@capigi.eu for more information. The costs for an exhibitor stand will be €225 (excluding VAT).