Collaboration with Geospatial World Forum: The advantages for YOU

   Attend both conferences   
This collaboration ensured that you could visit both conferences with a CAPIGI GeoAgri ticket: as well CAPIGI GeoAgri as the Geospatial World Forum. The same applies for the GWF ticket: with this ticket you could also attend CAPIGI GeoAgri. Besides digging deeper into the geo-agri sector at CAPIGI GeoAgri, you could also explore presentations and workshops which you normally would not attend.

   Visit the exhibition   
The exhibition area of the Geospatial World Forum was also open for CAPIGI GeoAgri visitors.

   Expand your network   
You were able to meet new people at CAPIGI GeoAgri and the GWF: CAPIGI GeoAgri was also open for everyone with a GWF or CAPIGI GeoAgri ticket, which enabled you to also meet other people with other expertises. This allowed you to expand your network even more.

For more information about the GWF, please visit their website: