CAPIGI’s goal and objectives


CAPIGI's goal is to bring together different stakeholder groups (government, industry, research & sector) in order to stimulate discussions and networking. These groups do not often or easily meet. Sharing knowledge from different groups within the sectors is important in order to create new ideas, new innovations and new solutions for difficult problems. CAPIGI can lead to unforeseen positive impact for the agricultural sector. Not only for now, but also for the future.

CAPIGI’s objectives are:

  • To bring together government, industry, research & ag sector;
  • To stimulate discussions and sharing knowledge in order to create new innovations and solutions;
  • To create awareness of the problems within the agricultural sector and to show how important geo-information is in solving these issues;
  • To inspire each other;
  • To create an interactive conference.

Besides the conference programme, CAPIGI will prepare a conclusion paper on the themes and topics of interest.