CAPIGI includes a dedicated exhibition for all CAPIGI visitors. This exhibition shows different kinds of companies within the agricultural sector and their latest products and services. You, as a visitor, can see the current developments with your own eyes. Talk to the exhibitors, try to fly a drone, see how tractors work with geo-information implemented in the tractor by means of a simulation. It is all there. The exhibition space is designed in such a way to encourage interaction.

Interested in exhibiting?

The exhibition offers several places for exhibitors. What are the benefits of exhibiting?

1. Expose your company to every visitor at CAPIGI. CAPIGI's visitors come from many different countries. The people who are really important for your company join at CAPIGI. Take this opportunity to expand your customer reach and to reach out to new customers.
2. Strengthen your brand. Exhibiting strikes the attention of your potential customers.
3. Find out which trends and developments are currently taking place within the agricultural sector. Learn from other people and companies which ensures you are on top of the latest developments in your sector. This can benefit the future of your company.

For more information about exhibition possibilities, please contact us at info@capigi.eu.